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Dr. Mignat PR

Dr. Jochen Mignat
Am Hexenpfad 11
D-63450 Hanau Germany

Tel. +49-6181-507 91-0
Fax +49-6181-507 91-11


DE 169 075 860


All photos, graphics, logos, texts and other component parts of this website are subject to the copyright of Dr. Mignat PR.
This material may not be used in any way without the prior written consent of Dr. Mignat PR.


Dr. Mignat PR would like to make it clear that it assumes no responsibility for the contents including any links and that any liability for information which is faulty, incomplete or out-of-date is excluded. In a judgement dated 12th May 1998 the Hamburg regional court ruled that by posting a link one may also be responsible for the contents of the linked page. According to the regional court such liability may only be excluded by way of an explicit disclaimer in respect of such contents. On our web pages we have posted links to other pages on the Internet. The following applies to all of these links: we would like to point out that we have no influence over the design or contents of these linked pages. We would therefore like to distance ourselves explicitly from all contents of all linked pages. This disclaimer applies to all links posted on our pages and to all contents of the pages to which the banner and links may refer the user.
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